Editorial: Kelly Rowland

Around mid January media outlets got the word that Kelly Rowland, the former second-lead vocalist of Destiny’s Child, would be gearing up to release new music “next month;” which meant February.

Well…we’re approaching the final week of March and surprise surprise…no new music! Kelly’s last musical offering to fans came in the form of a soundcloud single called “Dumb” which describes some of her sexual skills. While her last album, Talk A Good Game, is approaching its three year anniversary it’s safe to say that the fans are waiting rather impatiently to see what direction the singer will go for this time around.

During an interview with ABC Radio she revealed that she’s recorded about 45 songs and there are three different directions she’s considering sonically, and I’m curious to hear all of them. But we have no choice but to keep looking forward to said music since nothing has been released yet or even hinted at being released since this interview.

I’m going to assume that with the premiere of her upcoming reality series Chasing Destiny, which will air April 5th on BET, that we can expect new music based around the attention and buzz of the show. But looking at Kelly’s track record I don’t have my hopes up.

Maybe in the next two-three weeks I’ll be reviewing new Kelly Rowland music or maybe she’ll pull a Maxwell….

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